⚡️ Update: There are reports that the latest Android update has introduced a serious bug on Google Pixel phones and some other hardware implementations of this OS. The bug prevents players from exiting videos when they are finished. We are currently having to rebuild the game in new version of Unity in order to use the latest Android fixes and address this issue. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please request a refund.

Here are some known issues and troubleshooting steps for the latest release of Her Story.


  • Videos never play. The game requires OSX 10.8 onwards. It will not work on earlier versions.


  • Videos never play. Earlier versions of Windows (e.g. Vista and 7) may not include the MPEG4 codec that the game uses. This will mean the movies do not play within the game. Installing an MPEG4 codec will fix this.
  • The game crashes when playing videos and/or audio becomes distorted. The game can conflict with FFDSHOW and cause crashes. If this is installed, disable it or try adding Her Story to its blacklist.

iPad and iPhone

  • No sound. Check the hardware mute button and/or the software mute button (slide up the volume controls and look for an icon of a bell with a line through it). If the mute is turned on, you will not get game audio.
  • Cannot change landscape orientation. Being unable to flip the game’s orientation is a known issue..

Contact for Tech Support

For further support queries or to report bugs, please use the contact page.