A Magical Incantation: Playing Games with Words

There are a multitude of ways to control a video game. All valid, all with their own nuances. But the one I’m currently mainlining is text. Text stands alone as control schemes go, it works on an entirely different level. In the main, the currently popular control schemes are mechanical devices that allow you to […]

How The Architecture of Pan laid the foundations for Her Story

Before HER STORY there was The Architecture of Pan. This was an indie game idea I was kicking about for a bit. An exploratory horror game set in an architect’s 3D visualisation of a non-Euclidean apartment. The apartment was a room-shaped nautilus shell, a digital hidey hole for a hibernating Vampire who was waiting out […]

Telling a Digital Story with J.G. Ballard

Here’s a rambling post, trying to lay out my thoughts on some aspects of HER STORY that are important to me. It started out as a few thoughts on Gone Home, got distracted by J. G. Ballard and now is almost entirely about J. G. Ballard and has no Gone Home stuff in it at […]